Hello boys and girls,

I’m introducing to you my new website my target is to go round and seize the most remarkable and innovative trends about fashion and style, taking inspiration both by people in different places and by skillful brands and designers. That’s why I want to share with you photos, videos and articles where I can give you some little suggestions regarding style and helping you to be “on fleek” in a range of different appointments during a typical day..

Going from your job meetings, special occasion and parties to dating with a girl. Moreover I’d like to believe that taking on one side from personal inspiration and the other being inspired directly by you, we could together create a sort of “MODERN GENTLEMAN” cause I’m extremely convinced nowadays that “kindness can shake the world”.

It’s crucial to me underlining that this website is the result of the efforts and commitments of a crew made by my friends and collaborators. Thus first I want to thank everybody for their precious and unique support.

Hoping that all this work will manage to capture your attentions and interest, my desire is to send to all of you a message filled with my best wishes for a prosperous new year together with passion, love and good vibes only