FeFè, glamour pochette.

Naples. Meeting with the two fashioners creating Fefè brand, glamour pochette

Good morning guys, Fefè is a very curious and peculiar name.. Why did you choose it for your brand?

Because Fefè is plain and full, hilarious and ambitious, popular and noble at the same time, which can fit both the street and glamour ambiances, but above all this name is typically Neapolitan.

Belonging to the Neapolitan reality is a very important feature to you and this is reflected also in your items? In what way does this happen?

The whole manufacturing process carries out in Italy and more precisely in Naples where tailoring is nearly a reason of life, the result of a hundred of years old practice.
Here in Naples tradition mixes with modern things, innovation and the magic touch of our tailors change the most precious silks into soft scarves, shiny foulards and ties. Neapolitan Identity is a synonym of made in Italy to us.

You started by making pochette modern and then you haven’t stopped yet…

That’s the point! We saw the traditional pochette as an incredibly sophisticated device, such as to innovate it completely in its style and essence, in order to introduce it into a a fashionable context. In this way we made our first glamour pochette characterized by an extremely high quality, colors and concept innovative design. Onwards, due to the positive reply of the market, our range of items has increased adding foulards, ties, papillon, scarves, bracelets, socks and bags… Nowadays we are getting prepared to reach the markets of USA, Japan and Russia!

To see all the gorgeous models you can visit the site: http://fefeglamour.it/it/pochette