Turin Fashion Week

Also this year I’ve taken part to Torino Fashion Week; that is already the second year and has been created by TModa to reply in active way to the other fashion week taking palace in Milan and thinking about the return of the Piedmontese chief town as true protagonist in the fashion branch.

My native town in fact, since 1911 had the luxury fashion stand cause Turin with, its great ateliers was the Italian capital of style while it was only overcome by Paris on a European level. Turin became the headquarter of “Ente Nazionale della Moda” in 1935 and in the second period after world war, from 1954 till 1974 it was the place where the “SAMIA” took place.

During the 70s, vogue moved to Lombardia and nowadays, just as everybody knows, Milan has become the capital of fashion. Anyway my native town has started to create a well defined role thanks to the original and innovative events through the welcoming of Islamic fashion design and council at Torino fashion week with a special dedication lasting two days plus the closing day. Among the several guests there were also famous stylists such as Luis Vuitton and institutional partners who have contributed to the organization.

As far as the shows are concerned they have underlined a great creativity also due to the collaboration with emerging brands of the district; style and ideas have ensured a true success that will be constantly re-elaborated for a more and more exigent audience this is the memory of the very beautiful days I spent in Turin together with one of my friends involved in the organization of this event, the well known fashion journalist Barbara Odetto.