Interview to Enrico Brignano wearing Pignatelli’s style


TAmong the most important artists on the stage of teatro Ariston we can find an comic actor, a tv anchorman and director who is the definitely appreciated and loved by Italian audience, coming from Rome but with a Piedmontese name Enrico Brignano.

What do you think about the importance of being dressed in a certain way for those people who speak to an audience and want to convey a precise message?

“Your clothes are the first thing people notice, maybe even before listening to your voice or watching the expression on your face and that is no doubt part of the character you play.

As far as I am concerned, due to the fact I am used to play different roles, my personal choice regarding the outfit can never be hazardous. In such occasion as Sanremo festival I can also choose following my individual preferences and that surely is another way to say who Enrico Brignano is and what he would like to be.”

And what can you tell us about your link with Carlo Pignatelli?

“It is related upon an easy concept: e.g. I love his suits and we know and appreciate each other mutually for our professional qualities.”

What is your personal belief about the coming of new digital world with social medias as well as fashion influencer just like me?

“Fashion influencer are normally leaders of our time and their job is mainly understood by young people rather then by those having my age. I can only hope they will be able to seize the artistic contents of my roles and not only the comunicative ones. I really want to give a big good luck to you, Tiziano.

Tiziano Bruno is grateful to Enrico Brignano for his interview and of course to Carlo Pignatelli Maison in Turin for the nice clothes.