Having a chat with Sabrina Simoni

“Music is made by different shades just as any artistic creation” Is what Sabrina Simoni told me before her taking part to 67th festival of Italian song.

Sabrina has been directing and is the actual manager of the Italian children’s choir “Marielle Ventre” of Antoniano in Bologna which has taken part to Sanremo festival for the first time. The Antoniano choir is famous all over the world above all for its performance at “Festival di canzoni per l’infanzia zecchino d’oro, broadcast by Rai 1 on Italian television.

The importance of wearing a particular dress for those people directing a choir.

“It is crucial wearing the right outfit. For instance I cannot have an uncomfortable dress, but above all in such occasion as Sanremo, it must also be a very precious and beautiful one. I am a choir director, thus I must be absolutely free to move in the most natural way: my moves have to be smart and I must feel at my best.

What about the connection with Carlo Pignatelli?

“just as music, clothes are characterized by design and perfection; consequently they are true artistic creations and that is why I was so happy to wear, after seeing many others on fashion magazines, a dress signed by Pignatelli rappresentino the elegance and creativity of the best made in Italy.”

My job and today’s digital communication.

“I think the social medias and web communications maybe a big chance but unluckily sometimes they may be difficult to understand by people who are not so young; at the same time I guess about the advantages coming from the opportunity of editing important and essential texts in an easy and fast way. Therefore we need great experts to guarantee the quality of digital communication nowadays.”

Tiziano Bruno thanks a lot the great artist from Bologna for her interview and at the same time the Maison Carlo Pignatelli in Turin.