Testimonial Collection TOUCH – Campaign 16/17


The Sordelli Franco s.r.l. is a family company with a story dating back to almost 100 years grown up in the best Italian tradition.

The Sordelli was born in 1921, being founded by Amleto Sordelli and his friends Enrico Hintermann and Cesare Gandini.
It stands out thanks to constant effort towards the achievement of advances in the manufacturing and productions of plastics. In 1947 Sordelli s.r.l. became leading company in the branch of semifinished plastic industrial products.
Though we have to go back to 1972 for the opening of new horizons with the foundation of Franco Sordelli s.r.l. , a company specialized in manufacturing and distribution of injected sunglasses.


The sunglasses are created by the Sardelli staff with the partnership of a few talented designers provided with a great experiences in this branch, uniting technological skill to Italian all over the world appreciated style.
Great care is dedicated to the choice of materials in such a way to allow them obtaining colors and shapes ranging from classic to fashion simply managing to express people’s tastes and new trends of the market.

Among our best customers we can mention Ferrari, Quiksilver, Spektre, BRobinson and Gloryfy.


The Touch line was born in 2007 and has been traded over the whole Italian country by the best opticians.
A collection of sunglasses and eyeglasses characterized by lively colors and sophisticated combinations both as far as painting and acetates of the frames and lenses are concerned, always high quality and produced in Barberini glass for some items.
Nowadays Touch is a well known brand constantly growing even abroad, also thanks to the unceasing insertion of up to date models and the use of colors and shades linked to the new fashion trends.


Sordelli Franco s.r.l.
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