Terra madre Salone del gusto 2018

The likeable place of Lurisia spa was first studied by the Nobel Prize Marie Curie and attended by eminent people of our country such as Giovanni Gronchi and Luigi Einaudi.

Lurisia, its spa and its brand is getting more and more successful in the national and international food branch and has always captured my attention.

Before going to Milano fashion week, I have had the chance to try and appreciate the style of this Piedmontese excellence at Salone del gusto Terra Madre, the extraordinary food exhibition taking place in Turin from 20th to 24th September. Also in this year 2018 the event was really a great one, an amazing stage dedicated to food, sustainability and responsibility regarding producers and consumers.

More than thousands producers coming from all over the world have had the opportunity to show their food and wine prestigious products which were reunited in the huge Lingotto fiere. That’s why all people who are fond of food and gastronomy couldn’t miss this appointment keeping a curious eye towards new trends and specialties of this field.