An extraordinary stage

Here I am with a new prestigious stage for my itinerary looking for style and good taste : Venezia, the “Serenissima”, 3rd Italian town for its tourist turn out and human heritage of Unesco.

That’s definitely a fantastic place worldwide recognized as one of the most beautiful cities gathering history, art and beauty in a unique setting.

Venice, during this peculiar and special period, the one of Mostra Internazionale del Cinema really fascinated me.

This was the 75th edition of the film kermesse taking place every year. It was organized by Venice Biennale and the film festival occurred from 29th august to 8th September 2018.

Just as you can appreciate looking at the shoots ( merit of the ph ) it was obviously also the occasion for a tour in this amazing city. Thus I could notice that, whereas Cannes film festival involves the whole city, the one in Venice, maybe owing to the fact that is dedicated to a wider range of audience, including even non professional, the event was mainly located at Venezia lido linked to the city only thanks to boats.