Turin. Meeting with the creators of Alkemy.

What is Alkemy, what are it’s most important characteristics? 

Alkemy is a line of natural treatments  born to promote human wellness and manages to do this by joining old age tradition to contemporary studies.

Our philosophy unites old recipes of medical papyrus, the ancestral art of herbal medicine, the connection between human beings and vegetables, re-elaborating them just in a technological way to prepare cosmetics, creams protecting the skin, and food supplements for our beauty and wellness which work both inside and outside, recovering the link between “body and soul”.

Therefore Alkemy is something more than a simple cosmetic product? 

Yes, of course this would be a reduced definition. Moreover the Alkemy items
are similar to human body and easily absorbed. They nourish and regenerate emotions and our body, maintaining their balance.
In addition the creams and the serum of cosmetic product line by Alkemy ES combine,  in a unique and innovative way, the micro algae Klamath with precious vegetable oil, representing the natural, effective and non invasive alternative to traditional cosmetics.

And what about micro algae vegetable oil?  What are you talking about? 

They are two among our most precious substances. The Klamath algae is a super natural food, exclusively situated in the deep uncontaminated Oregon lake, containing all nutrients and organic matters that are required by the skin. As far as vegetable oil is concerned, this fat liquid strongly magnetic is capable to bring up all qualities of the plants. It’s from these elements, being part of an uncorrupted old nature that Alkemy takes it’s deep strength, so important to feed and regenerate our body.

A nature which is becoming more rare and just for this reason so filled with meanings? 

In our products we only use spontaneous plants which keep the archetypes of the species, harvested in the right moment, following the lunation cycle. Vegetables are manually operated by hand, immediately after being harvested to preserve the essential element of the preparation, with it’s electromagnetic properties: “the gold of Alkemy”!


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website: myalkemy.it

Boutique:  Via Alfieri 6, 10121 – Torino