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What makes your store a unique place in Liguria? 

Ottica Foppa is a concept store born 30 years ago in Bergamo province and still remains so important for other Ottica Foppa shops. The store located in Alassio is the last one, started from the collaboration between Mario Canegallo and Foppa family who on the 1st may 2015 have launched the new Ligurian store. Our philosophy tends to become a reference point of this area for searching every kind of glasses, from unique pieces manually operated by small factories to items created by the most fashionable and well-know brands.

Do you consider yourselves opticians, optometrist, or your peculiar attention towards clients has made you become something different? 

Our professionalism confirms the fact we are both optician and optometrist but nowadays we need some detailed studies and specific skills adding to our plain professional expertise. A modern optician should always be professional in order to benefit from the trust of clients.



Could you give us some advices? Ranging from rounded lens to Linda Farrow’s total black, from cat eyes shaped glasses by Célin to the multicolored Ray-Ban with mirrored lens and the greatly appreciated Dior, which model will be the most successful one in 2016? 

Trends are extremely varied also this year.. For vintage addicts the right frame is still the rounded one bigger and ( bigger for women and more slim for men ) this one will be a great year for the most exclusive worldwide brands which have chosen the most extravagant design patterns in 2016. We are going to reveal you the names of the most influencing items.. Linda Farrow, Dita, Mykita, Kuboraum, J plus, Chrome Hearts. Each brand in it’s on genre has worked for the collection in a nearly fanatic way.

Among the purely fashionable glasses Dior will keep its eading position, after having caused in past time a true rush to get the most desirable object called “SoReal”.

The undeniable Ray Ban phenomenon will continue its success with a new collection completely updated in the frames and mirrored lens.

OtticaFoppa is going to promote made in Italy products, of the same price of Ray Ban, our “Logo’s” that are widely loved by national and international bloggers.



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