Milan: meeting with the founding members of N3M

Good morning guys, N3M is the name for your brand, which message is hidden in these initials that may seem enigmatic at first glance?

Actually its very easy and it holds all the main features distinguishing our trademark. N3M is the acronym standing for “Noi Tre (a) Milano” and it encloses the story of a man coming from Rome, one coming from Emilia and the other from Normandy; the three of them met in the town, by which we have already been adopted, –Milan.
Milano means much more to us than a city or a geographical site. In fact we really could define it as the fourth member of the group; no doubt it’s a sort of protective name and inexhaustible inspiration source dominating thanks to its cosmopolitan soul.


Could you explain how the idea of N3M was born and more precisely what made you launch into the world of shoe industry?

Two of us have a shoe designer background practiced in the most prestigious made in Italy production. Moreover by looking around and by putting together our experiences we realized that the market had been missing our shoes. Therefore this type of trade needed some extremely fashionable items, high quality shoes, totally made in Italy and commercialized at a more accessible price. Mainly, our shoes are thought to be genderless, these wide range items regarding shapes and numbers are meant to go over genre limits. Just a few days ago Gucci announced that they will arrange a single fashion show for both sexes: men and women will walk the catwalk together without useless divisions and this proves the exactness of our viewpoint.


Are your collections beating, pulsing and colored so that we could call them postmodern?

Our shoes’ look and size are designed on a British master with rounded toes and big handmade broadside soles, but at the same time this is balanced by the lightness of an ideal frame, hand-sewn, unstructured, fitting to wear bare skin. This summer, thinking of people fed up with sandals and plastic flip-flops we have created our peculiar wooden clogs in a typical 70s style and exquisitely fashion item of course for both men and women. So would you like to know whether our collections are really postmodern ones? We reply definitely yes!


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photo credits: Ariele Art – Ariele Vaccarezza