A journey to Cannes inside the myth and together with myth

Carlo Pignatelli excellence of Italian fashion was born in Puglia and since 1966, when he moved to Turin, has worked with great care and commitment achieving to create his own style.

A style which has attracted first inhabitants from Turin an then the world so that it has spread over nearly all continents with the opening of 500 boutiques.

Therefore Pignatelli has climbed the Olympus of Italian fashion brands, in addition to his legendary wedding dresses.

From 18th to 22nd may, wearing the myth of made in Italy I dived into the myth of world movies, European counterbalance to Hollywood excessive power: Cannes, the magic pearl situated in the French riviera is the location for the most charming review in this branch, the international film festival of Cannes, Le festival du film et du cinema.

Looking at the great shoots taken by Alberto Feltrin, you can admire the black and grey outfits of men’ formal dress collection 2016 directly from Milan fashion shows where the Piedmontese Maison has gained a great success by the critics : and on the 22nd of may the Haute Couture signed by this Maison has walked the catwalk.

As a worth completion besides I put on some accessories I preferred for this occasion: the glasses supplied by my friends of Otticafoppa in Alassio, the bracelets by D’amico and shoes by Hugo Boss and by Baldini.


Ottica Foppa Alassio
Bracialets d’Amico
Baldini shoes

PH:Alberto Feltrin