“happiness” at Sanremo

Start and go! The 67th Sanremo Festival of Italian song has begun. Among a wide range of international and Italian artist, we are particularly fond of Albano Carrisi, the great Italian singer who will make us dream about “Di rose e di spine”; That’s the title of the song Albano will perform since tomorrow when the musical competition starts.

I have always been impressed by Albano’s true talent, by his clear voice looking like that of a tenor and also characterized by blues man vibes; these are the connotative features belonging to the mythic master from Cellino San Marco.

He has kindly given us an interview in which he was wearing a mise by his dear friend Carlo Pignatelli.

Wearing in such a way that enables to express yourself at your best.

“No doubt clothes are necessary and although your wardrobe doesn’t tell everything about you, it’s certainly true that while you are taking part to a remarkable event such as Sanremo is, the audience is not only interested in your song but they carefully watch your outfit, how you look like with that jacket or another one, the style you prefer and so on… All these little details which are part of the further fitting of one artist’s look; and they are definitely linked to and complete the singers music performance”

Tre connection with Carlo Pignatelli

It is a really brotherly one, both of them having a corresponding story. Carlo also left from Puglia with an analogous personal path, I was in Milan and Carlo in Turin. I had my first success in 1967 whereas Carlo exactly in that year had seen my first performance at “Le Roy” , just as he has recently showed me with a photograph. He was among my fans and afterwards I became a supporter of his awesome suits. As you can see Tiziano our lives are connected.

The new digital world with the oncoming of social medias and my experience as a fashion influencer.

“Every time has it’s needs and influences; everything quickly changes in our society and people’s behaviors modify according this fact. If you are here Tiziano, if you have got your place it’s because you are intended to be there in this precise historical moment. You are required to give the right inputs to all people following you so that they are able to get their lifestyles better, above all by improving their look. In fact people will never give up three essential activities : feeding themselves, getting dressed and making love. In case one of these things does not work or is missing their whole life has definitely something missing. This social machine where we live needs its devices and it’s due ti the suggestions coming from these new jobs you can find surfing the web, that our lifestyle may evolve even getting better.”

Tiziano Bruno is thankful to the great master Albano Carrisi for the interview and to Carlo Pignatelli’s Maison in Turin.